EG, EGi, EEGi-Series

Atlas Copco Single-stage EG-6.0 expander generator

Integrally geared expander generators for industrial applications or energy recovery.

Whether you want to produce electricity as a by-product of an industrial process, from a geothermal resource, waste heat, or recover power in a pressure letdown application, Atlas Copco’s expander generators are a reliable solution for energy recovery and electrical power production. Utilizing the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), typical energy recovery applications include geothermal, waste heat to power, and cold energy recovery.  Pressure letdown applications reduce the pressure in pipeline gases and generate electricity. The speed reduction gearbox features a parallel shaft and integral gearbox.

Driven by our integral gear expertise, our expander generators can be configured with up to four stages on a single gearbox to achieve the lowest cost per kilowatt power-train solution. Atlas Copco provides partial or complete ORC solutions, from core expander powertrains to complete systems.

Customer benefits

  • Built to last - Robust construction can withstand rough treatment over a long lifetime of operation in the harshest work environments.
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) - Maintenance system based on statistical data and experience.
  • Power - Power generating ranges up to 25 MW per expander stages.
  • Unique design - Single or multi-stage turbine design mounted on the same integral gearbox.
  • High efficiency - Maximum energy recovery efficiency and plant availability.
  • Complete solution - Partnerships with expert companies for complete cycle design/complete recover solutions.
  • Highest quality design and production systems - ISO 19001, 14001 and 18001 quality certification, all machines meet or exceed industry (API 617, API 614, API 670 and ANSI B31.3) and international standards (IEC, NEC, ASME, BS5500). 

Technical data

  Imperial Metric
Inlet pressure 2900.8 psia 200 bar(a)
Inlet temperature -364 - 572 ºF -220 - 300 ºC
Stages 1 - 4 1 - 4
RPM up to 50 000 up to 50 000
Gases handled All industrial gases and hydrocarbon gas mixtures, including condensing streams All industrial gases and hydrocarbon gas mixtures, including condensing streams