EC, ECM-Series

Atlas Copco Single stage ECM-4.0 expander compressor

Radial inflow expansion turbines (turboexpanders)

Atlas Copco’s turboexpanders convert the internal energy available in a gas stream into useful work by lowering its pressure, thereby producing cooling and shaft power. Turboexpanders are used to produce refrigeration or recover power for petrochemical hydrocarbon processing plants. They typically drive a single-stage, centrifugal compressor, with both the expander and compressor optimized for the process duty. These custom engineered expander compressors are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest reliability and quality to meet your specific specifications. Incorporating the latest technology, their aerodynamic designs maximize machinery performance without sacrificing dependability. Hydrocarbon applications include LPG, NGL, DPC, LNG and nitrogen rejection. Chemical/petrochemical applications include ethylene olefin recovery, ammonia purification, carbon monoxide purification, propane dehydrogenation, and hydrogen recovery.

Customer benefits

  • Custom engineered solutions - Expander compressors are designed specifically to customer specifications and unique process requirements.
  • Ultra-high efficiency - Turboexpanders provide high efficiency refrigeration or power recovery.
  • Robust construction - Expander compressors are designed for offshore/onshore, outdoor unprotected and attended or unattended sites. They are custom designed for desert, tropical and ambient temperatures as well as hazardous areas (Division 1/Zone 1, Division 2/Zone 2).
  • Highest quality design and production systems -ISO 19001, 14001 and 18001 quality certification, all machines meet or exceed industry (API 617, API 614, API 670 and ANSI B31.3) and international standards (IEC, NEC, ASME, BS5500).
  • Long-lasting reliable performance.
  • Many of our expander compressors are in service for 20 years without a shutdown.

Technical data

Inlet pressure2900.8 psia200 bar(a)
Inlet temperature-364 - 392 ºF-220 - 200 ºC
RPMup to 100 000up to 100 000
Gases handledAll industrial gases and hydrocarbon gas mixtures, including condensing streamsAll industrial gases and hydrocarbon gas mixtures, including condensing streams