Reciprocating Compressors

When it comes to versatility and performance, it’s hard to top the piston compressor range at Atlas Copco Gas and Process. An assortment of design, optimization and customization options ensure a solution perfectly matched to your application, delivering easy maintenance, maximum productivity and a long product life.

Designed for applications ranging from air/gas feeds and gas bottling to petrochemicals, gas processing, and numerous industrial processes, the piston compressors at Atlas Copco Gas and Process are true all-rounders. Through semi-standardized packaging, we also offer several dedicated fuel gas solutions for compressed natural gas and natural gas vehicle refueling (CNG/NGV).

Full Process Options

The piston compressor range at Atlas Copco Gas and Process covers flow levels up to 6 000 m3/h (3500 cfm) with maximum outlet pressures up to 480 bar (6962 psi). They are designed to handle all typical industrial gases, including: air, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, natural gas, (bio)methane, CO/CO2, as well as rare gases and gas mixtures. Compressor types offering oil-less, oil-free, and oil-lubricated design give full control over gas purity levels, extending all the way the stringent ISO class-zero standard. When gas release into the atmosphere might be an issue, several compressor types offer hermetically sealed and pressurized crankcases along with PEEK piston seals to ensure no gas can escape.

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Easy Operation

Each compressor type is designed for low maintenance in its field of operation, ensuring long intervals between servicing and easy access for technicians.

To boost this reliability, our compressors are engineered for work in difficult and demanding environments that might have high amount of airborne particulates or high temperatures.

The small footprint and space-saving designs shared by the piston compressor line further adds to their ease of use. A frame-mounted, all-in-one package is available for most of our compressors.

Atlas Copco worker operating with a piston compressor

A History of Innovation

Our piston compressors are the result of more than 150 years of experience Atlas Copco has in the air and gas compression technology. They feature many innovative advances that were pioneered by our product companies: Atlas Copco Crepelle, Greenfield and Intermech.

Our commitment to innovation continues. Through ongoing R&D and careful selection of the most recent technology advancements we ensure our customers have the most efficient, reliable and productive solutions possible.

Customer Benefits:

  • High reliability through proven piston-compression design
  • Available for a wide range of solutions
  • Built for maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Dedicated solutions for compressed natural gas and natural gas vehicle refueling
  • Global reach with production, service and sales support close to customers around the world
  • Oil-injected, oil-less and oil-free compressors

 Brochure DM-Series Compressors
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 Brochure CU/CT Compressors for NGV Applications
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 Brochure INTERMECH BBR/FBR/VIP CNG compressors
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You can find more information about the benefits, regulatory compliance and technical specifications for our line of piston compressors and compressor solutions below:

DM oil-free reciprocating trunk-piston compressors

Oil-less, reciprocating trunk-piston compressor

Effective outlet flow:
27 – 140 Nm3/h
Max. discharge pressure:
447 bar(a)
Gases handled:
hydrogen, bio-methane, CNG/NGV

C-Series high-pressure oil-lubricated compressor (CU/CT/CN)

Oil-lubricated, high-pressure trunk-piston compressors

Effective outlet flow:
15 – 1 600 Nm3/h
Max. discharge pressure:
480 bar(a)
Gases handled:
Air, nitrogen, CO/CO2, helium, hydrogen, bio-methane, CNG/NGV, argon, pipeline evacuation

Intermech BBR/FBR/VIP

Balance-opposed, oil-lubricated compressor

Effective outlet flow:
380 – 6 000 Nm3/h
Max. discharge pressure:
312 bar(a)
Gases Handled: