Gas Screw Compressors

Atlas Copco Gas and Process Gas Screws are designed with a single focus: to deliver the most efficient and reliable gas grid and network injection solution possible for methane/biomethane. Leveraging Atlas Copco’s vast experience in both screw compressor technology and the biogas industry, our gas screws help keep the cost of ownership down while offering straightforward operations and limiting maintenance requirements.

The GG VSD gas screw compressor integrates today’s needs for energy savings and low maintenance costs. Screw technology and variable speed drive (VSD) provide tremendous savings in terms of energy and maintenance. Well-designed circuits, full accessibility, and the capability for predictive maintenance also contribute to a low cost of ownership over the lifetime of your investment.

Our GG VSD gas screw compressors are designed as either plug-and-play, ready-for-use solutions or as a base compressor, allowing you to choose the options you need.

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Experience you can trust

In the field of gas screw technology, Atlas Copco are innovative pioneers. Since launching the first screw compressor to market over 60 years ago, Atlas Copco designed the first portable screw compressor model, the first truck-mounted screw compressors and the first oil-free screw compressor. We were also one of the first companies to successfully integrate variable-speed drive technology into our screw compressors.

This expertise has helped make our many of our screw compressors leaders in their respective fields. The Airpartner, a truck-mounted screw compressor used in starting jet engines, was a top seller for decades. These days, Atlas Copco’s oil-injected rotary screw GA compressors are leaders in their market, providing outstanding air compression performance for the oil & gas industry. The GG-Series carries on this strong tradition into the field of methane and biomethane.

Gas screw compressor

Customer Benefits:

  • Excellent efficiency through variable speed drive technology
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Available as either plug-and-play solution or base compressor
  • Trusted screw-compressor technology for one of the industry’s top innovators with an extensive history in the field
  • One of several dedicated solutions for the methane/biomethane market
  • Global reach with production, service and sales support close to customers around the world

 Brochure GG Gas Screw Compressors
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You can find more information about the benefits, regulatory compliance and technical specifications for our GG-Series gas screw compressors below:

GG-Series oil-lubricated gas screw compressors

Oil-lubricated, gas screw compressor

Effective outlet flow:
up to 900 m³/h
Max. discharge pressure:
16 bar(a)
Gases Handled:
dry biomethane/methane