Atlas Copco Pressure Letdown Turboexpanders for Electricity Generation

Generate sustainable and valuable electricity while delivering gas to residential grids, power plants or industrial applications. Atlas Copco Gas and Process pressure letdown solutions enable you to utilize the energy available in the incoming high-pressure pipeline as the gas pressure is lowered for end-use.

Our efficient, power-generating turboexpanders unlock dual-use benefits from the pressure letdown process. In additional to generating additional electricity, that can be sold on the market or employed in a plant, they are often quieter than standard mechanical pressure reduction valves – a big plus in residential areas. And they perform the gas expansion and pressure reduction necessary for downstream domestic and industrial use.

With more than 40 years of experience in turboexpander development and more than 20 referenced pressure letdown applications, Atlas Copco offers the expertise and services to ensure that you get the most from your pressure letdown application.

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Technical benefits and service options

Extensive Product offering & services

  • Assistance in selecting and implementing the best pre-heating heat source for your turboexpander from a range of possibilities
  • Support options include initial planning
    and commissioning through optimization, maintenance and servicing
  • Additional assistance available for related services including fuel-gas boosting for power generation or seamless integration into combined heat-to-power (CHP) applications
Built with Integral Gear Technology

  • Atlas Copco turboexpanders employ the same integral gear technology that we helped pioneer
  • Configured to achieve the lowest cost
    per kilowatt 
  • Availability and reliability reaching 99.9%
  • Over 4 000 referenced turboexpanders
    in applications ranging from gas processing to energy recovery
  • Optimal aerodynamic efficiency and maximum power generation even under
    off-design conditions

The pressure letdown process

A turboexpander pressure letdown station replaces the typical pressure reduction valve (PRV) with an expansion turbine connected to a generator. As natural gas expands through the turboexpander, the gas’ inherent stored energy (pressure) is used to turn the expander impeller, reducing the gas pressure and generating electricity.

Much like a geothermal power plant or a hydropower dam, pressure is reduced at the outlet, but the gas remains unchanged in the process. Depending on the total pressure drop (from inlet to outlet) pre-heating might be necessary. In these cases, Atlas Copco can assist in choosing the best pre-heating method from a range of options.