Every Step Along the Way

Large industrial plant viewed at night

Atlas Copco Gas and Process compressors and expanders are in action from the early stages upstream through midstream transportation to downstream applications at refineries.

Here are just a few of the ways we help oil and gas companies transport and transform their petrochemical products from the well to the end consumer: 

Solutions that Do More:

  • Extensive product range boosts productivity across the oil & gas value chain
  • Fully API compliant machinery
  • Versatile and efficient integral gear technology
  • Efficient gas screw compressors for bio/methane applications
  • Extensive CNG/NGV refueling station options
Oil platform


Beginning with the earlier stages of oil and natural gas exploration and production, Atlas Copco Gas and Process compressors and expanders play vital roles: They help power natural gas processing directly at the source and are also used to produce liquid petroleum gas (LPG), a byproduct of both the oil and gas treatment processes.

Our machinery also runs upstream applications that turn natural gas into a liquid directly after extraction — whether on land or on cutting-edge Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) systems.


Once crude oil or natural gas has been extracted and transported away from its source, it enters the crucial midstream sector: pipeline or ship transportation, storage, and processing.

From transportation to storage, we offer decades of experience and expertise in midstream liquefied natural gas (LNG) handling. This includes compressors aboard LNG transport vessels that convert boil-off gas into fuel for the ship or reliquefy it for storage. Our gas screw compressors and reciprocating trunk compressors ensure methane and biomethane are efficiently and safety transported through the gas grid.

Liquified natural gas tanker in the ocean
Large industrial plant viewed at night


Perhaps the most complex market within the oil-and-gas industry, "downstream" refers to the refining and marketing processes, as well as all other subsequent measures of transforming and processing hydrocarbon products further down the value chain. Atlas Copco Gas and Process machines support downstream applications such as petrochemical, aromatics, organics, as well as refinery and power-generation processes.

CNG/NGV Refueling Stations

In the field of natural gas and biomethane Atlas Copco Gas and Process solutions extend from the source all the way to the pump. We are one of the leading providers of compressed air and gas solutions for the natural gas vehicle (NGV) market, supplying a full range of fixed and portable refueling stations. With their easy setup and operation, uncompromising safety and high efficiency, these stations allow companies to take full advantage of cleanest burning fossil fuel operating today.