Oil and Gas

Oil platform

More Value for Your Stream

Atlas Copco Gas and Process equipment reliably supports every process in the industry – upstream, midstream and downstream on land and at sea.

In an industry that spans oceans and continents, performance and reliability are the name of the game. Atlas Copco Gas and Process offers customized and standardized machinery that supports every link in the value chain, maximizing performance without sacrificing dependability.

From oil and natural gas exploration and production through transportation, processing, refinement to end products, Atlas Copco turbomachinery is on hand serving numerous vital roles. In the natural gas supply chain our expertise extends to CNG/NGV refueling stations for compressed natural gas used as a fuel in natural gas vehicles.

Customer Benefits:

  • Decades of experience in the oil & gas sector
  • Forefront of innovation
  • Ensuring the best reliability and efficiency
  • Present in more than 180 markets worldwide
  • Full customization options
  • Extensive reference record of off- and onshore applications
  • Full line of CNG/NGV refueling station solutions


Oil platform

Liquified natural gas tanker in the ocean

Large industrial plant viewed at night

Reference Stories

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Man standing in front of plant building

Open field with gas tower

The Burj Al Arab at dusk

Staircase tower of a industrial plant

Liquid natural gas (LNG) tanker stationary at a dock with cranes