Solutions in the Air

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Atlas Copco Gas and Process compressors and expanders are the workhorses of the industrial gases sector.  

Our centrifugal and pistons compressors as well as our expansion turbines serve key roles in a number of air separation applications. They deliver the pressure and the cold temperatures necessary for cryogenic air separation and liquid oxygen production. They enable gas vessel bottling and foster forward-looking applications such as carbon capture and storage (CCS).

This vital turbomachinery is found in industrial gas main air and booster air applications, cryogenic air separation, syngas and gas to liquids (GTL) production and merchant gas bottling.

Solutions that Do More:

  • Built with proven components that stand up to the most volatile environments
  • Centrifugal compressors and expansion turbines with variable inlet guide vanes (IGV) ensure optimal flow rates
  • Piston compressors for gas bottling and high-pressure applications
  • Configurations to perfectly match to your specific application
  • Over 140 years’ experience in compression technology
  • Thousands of industrial gas references throughout the world
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Air Separation

Atlas Copco Gas and Process turbomachinery is used in air separation applications that support a host of other industries, including the chemical / petrochemical sector, the steel industry, electronics, Gas to Liquids (GTL) / Syngas / CO, CO2 compression and microprocessor production.

Cylinder Filling/Gas Bottling

After air has been separated down to its constituent gases, these gases often need to be bottled and transported to end customers. Atlas Copco Gas and Process provides reciprocating compressors for bottling of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and other rare inert gases produced through air separation. We also have bottling solutions for helium, CO/CO2, hydrogen and other gaseous compounds.

nitrogen cylinders
View of a open yard of a carbon capture storage plant

Carbon Capture Storage

A new and promising technology, carbon capture and storage (CCS) reduces the impact of carbon dioxide on our planet. Instead of being released into the atmosphere, CO2 is captured directly at the source. It can then be transported to a predetermined location, either underground or underwater, for safe storage. Our turbocompressors play an important role in the CCS process.