Industrial Gases

Industrial gas plant

Driving Industrial Gases

An industry 100 years in the making needs efficient solutions for the future.

The industrial gases industry remains a key growth area around the world. It is essential to nearly all industrial sectors – from steel to semiconductors – where gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen,  and carbon dioxide drive a wide variety of processes.

Atlas Copco Gas and Process has advanced its industrial gases expertise for decades and offers a variety of efficient machinery, including main air, booster air, nitrogen, centrifugal and piston compressors, as well as expansion turbines.

Customer Benefits:

  • Decades of experience in industrial-gas solutions
  • Thousands of products operating around the world
  • Customized and standardized solutions
  • Top innovators in the field
  • Extensive development, sales and Aftermarket specialists 


Large industrial tower in front of blue sky

View of a open yard of a carbon capture storage plant

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Large industrial tower in front of blue sky

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Industrial gas plant

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