Further Markets

Further Markets

From general manufacturing through pharmaceuticals, electronics to hydropower, there are countless markets that rely on compressed air and gases for processers vital to their business. Atlas Copco Gas and Copco serves customers across all markets with the singular goal of providing the best turbomachinery for the job.

Meeting the highly specific demands of many of today’s specialized industries requires dedication ̶ not to mention an eye for innovation and the drive to find the perfect machinery for the application. Long known as a “can-do” company, we’re always up to the task.

Through our decades of experience, we’ve served customers as varied as aeronautic testing facilities, steel and metal works, and seismic research. We’ve helped provide CO2 delivery for beverages, food purification and greenhouse farming, our compressors deliver gases used to manufacture electronics and superconductors, used for biomass power and for fire extermination. We’re also there helping create breaking air for pneumatic brakes, pressurized air for high voltage air-blast breakers and dewatering hydropower turbines.

Mechanical Vapor Compression

Mechanical vapor compression is one of many areas where our compressors have proven highly effective. In this process, compressors are used to compact the vapor generated by a “mother liquid,” raising the vapor’s pressure and temperature.

The heat from this process then aids in the evaporation of the mother liquid. Two sectors that makes use of this technology are sea-water desalination and the pulp and paper industry.

Class-Zero Purity

Many industries, such as electronics, food/beverage and pharmaceuticals require extremely high purity levels for the gases used in their processes. The risk of contamination must be eliminated to avoid severe consequences: spoiled or unsafe products, production downtime or damage to brand and reputation. Even for industries that do not require high purity levels for their final products, oil levels in the system might impede processes or require increased maintenance.

Atlas Copco was the first manufacturer to develop compressors that meet the strict ISO Class-Zero oil-free standard, the most stringent ranking for compressors in its class. Atlas Copco Gas and Process offers the HX/HN series, Class-Zero reciprocating compressor as well many other compressor models designed for higher gas purity levels to meet applicable industry and safety standards.

Customer Benefits:

  • Decades of experience in many diverse industries
  • Thousands of products operating around the world
  • Customized and standardized solutions
  • Top innovators in the field
  • Extensive development, sales and Aftermarket specialists
  • ISO Class-Zero Compressors

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