Aftermarket Solutions

Worker adjusting machinery with a large wrench

Reconstruction and Backfitting to keep you up to speed

Processes, technology, applications, and even technical parameters change over time. Our global team of Aftermarket specialists keeps customers informed of the very latest technological innovations, which can boost efficiency and productivity. What’s more, we are ready to adapt machinery should it need to perform a new role.

Our service technicians use advanced monitoring and performance analyses to closely examine operational data and fine tune machinery to deliver the ultimate results.

Ensuring top operation from your investment

When it comes to ensuring top operation over the long term, our Aftermarket inspection and maintenance plans are the best approach to identify when overhauls and repairs might be necessary. We ensure any downtime is kept to a minimum and perform maintenance when it is most convenient for our customers.  

Through our global presence in more than 170 countries, Atlas Copco Gas and Process delivers high-quality Aftermarket sales locally and in the customer’s language, using an integrated, single point of contact.

Atlas Copco employee with a Atlas Copco handbook in a factory environment