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Your Partner from Start to Finish

At Atlas Copco Gas and Process, we see every project as a journey. Not only because our equipment is used across the globe, but also because we provide complete solutions that cover everything from expert project management to dedicated Aftermarket service. 

Because we strive to build lasting relationships with our customers and are there whenever and wherever they need support, the Atlas Copco journey can last a lifetime. At each stop, there’s always more to discover.

Join us to explore every step of a project, from the employee training that builds the foundation of our engineering and service expertise to the genuine parts and Gas and Process oils available to keep your machinery in top condition.

Atlas Copco flag in front of three smiling people, sitting at a conference table.

Man and woman looking at technical drawings

Two women inspecting technical drawings in an office

Worker adjusting machinery with a large wrench

The inside of a factory with large machinery

Two Atlas Copco employees looking at machinery

Atlas Copco employee with a Atlas Copco handbook in a factory environment

PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT: Prepared for Every Project

All our employees receive top-level product and project-specific training, so our customers benefit from the cumulative knowledge of our entire team. 

Personnel development starts with attracting the right people and giving them an in-depth introduction to their new work environment – but the process of development never really ends.

Our ongoing development activities include classroom training, e-learning, learning on the job, structured internal knowledge transfer, and workshops. These activities help our staff acquire a wide range of skills and develop the right competencies.

Individual Goals, Individual Growth

Personnel development also means giving our employees the opportunities they need to achieve their individual career and development goals.

At the core of our personnel development strategy is job mobility, which we believe adds value to our employees’ professional lives. That’s why we offer expatriate positions and encourage employees to gain international experience or to work across different teams and product companies.

Atlas Copco flag in front of three smiling people, sitting at a conference table.


Our forward-thinking Research & Development team consists of engineering specialists who design, develop, and document all Atlas Copco Gas and Process products.

Man and woman looking at technical drawings

Raising the Bar

The process of innovation starts with research in areas such as aerodynamics and mechanics, continues with raising engineering benchmarks in realms such as rotor dynamics, pressure vessels, and piping, and results in the best and most reliable equipment for every application.

Precision and Productivity

Throughout the Research & Development process chain, our engineers take advantage of a host of in-house tools. One example: our cutting-edge CAD/CAM software enables engineers to develop high-quality drawings more quickly.

State-of-the-art tools and processes guarantee the level of precision that leads to new and better products–and, ultimately, to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Committed to the Customer Dialog

Efficient workflows are the secret of any project’s success, especially if it spans thousands of kilometers. In constant dialog with its customers, our project management always goes the extra mile to ensure a smooth process. 

As a global company supporting a variety of complex industries, we know that the workflows we use to carry out projects are just as important as the systems we use to make our equipment. That’s why our project management teams work with our customers from start to finish to execute projects, maintaining a constant line of communication throughout the process.

Specialized Support

Working under the guidance of our head project management and project leaders, our teams are made up of specialized members who manage each facet of a project. Together, they coordinate every step of the project process, including cost control, packaging, scheduling, and progress tracking.

And although the project management is handled by an entire team of experts, our customers have a single point of contact who is there for them every step of the way. The results: efficient workflows, tight controls, and an active dialog – all keys to a successful project and customer satisfaction.

Two women inspecting technical drawings in an office

MANUFACTURING PLANTS - Putting it together

Our manufacturing plants provide flexible production capabilities to boost customer productivity worldwide.

The conception, development, and production of Atlas Copco equipment takes place at our world-class manufacturing plants in Germany and the United States. Production and packaging facilities in China and India further expand our global presence and allow us to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements, wherever they are.

Worker adjusting machinery with a large wrench

Global Outlook, Local Presence

From our 66 000 square-meter production facility in Cologne, Germany, to our three production facilities in the United States, our plants house a seamless workflow that enhances teamwork and productivity. State-of-the-art production processes help us create innovative, first-in-class products. 

Connecting Regionally

In growing industrial hubs like China and India, demand for efficient industrial solutions is always on the rise. With our local packaging and production facilities in Shanghai, China, and Pune, India, we prove our commitment to these markets. In addition, a global network of service and application centers ensures our customers always receive the support they need.

TESTING FACILITIES - Put to the test

Every Atlas Copco Gas and Process machine leaves the plant in top condition due to our comprehensive testing facilities.

Our multi-phase testing system makes sure that our equipment works the way it’s supposed to and helps our customers execute successful projects in turn. All of our compressors, expanders, and pumps are thoroughly checked before they leave the plant.

The inside of a factory with large machinery

Taking Testing a Step Further

To put equipment to the test, we can simulate every potential process operating condition our customers might face. We perform mechanical test runs on every machine and carry out performance testing when required.

Following installation, testing continues on-site to guarantee that our equipment delivers the maximum performance. During the entire process, our employees make it a point to seek and incorporate customer input. The goal: increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

Always Up to Standard

Each step in this thorough process helps us achieve our goal of meeting, and even exceeding, international standards and customer expectations.

Out testing proecedures comply with the following standards

  • DIN
  • ISO
  • VDI 2045
  • ASME
  • PTC10
  • API 617 / 672

QUALITY CONTROL: Ensuring Quality Standards

We deliver maximum quality and customize any machine to meet customer requirements and industry standards.

Our dedication to quality has earned us the trust and loyalty of customers around the world.

However, we can only provide sustainable productivity by devising a quality-control plan for every machine and part we make. Our quality-control personnel are certified for non-destructive testing (NDT) and a broad range of additional inspection procedures.

Tracking Quality

All major components (such as impellers, pinion shafts, and casings) are serialized for tracking. Customers can access the quality documentation of finished orders, which is archived for 17 years.

Our standards are no different for suppliers – all components from subcontractors are verified and traceable to their origin.

Certified Performance

We have been an ISO 9001 company since 1991, certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). Our machines comply with the European Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC and its amendments. 

Environmental management systems also form an integral part of each business process we are involved in, and Atlas Copco is DIN EN ISO 14001 certified by LRQA.

Two Atlas Copco employees looking at machinery
Atlas Copco employee with a Atlas Copco handbook in a factory environment

AFTERMARKET: Around the clock, across the globe

Atlas Copco Gas and Process delivers high-quality Aftermarket service locally, in the customer's language, and through an integrated, single point of contact. Learn more on our Aftermarket page