Our Values

“We do more,” the promise we make to our customers, doesn’t only apply to our reliable and innovative equipment. It also means that we are dedicated to supporting every project from inception to operation — and beyond.

Along the way, we incorporate our company values — interaction, commitment and innovation — in everything we do to help our customers achieve more efficiency, more reliability, more productivity and, ultimately, more success.

Man sitting on a desk while talking on the phone in front of computer screens


We listen to and understand the diverse needs of our customers and other stakeholders. The knowledge we gain from customer interaction helps us create new and better solutions.

This approach requires expertise, presence, flexibility and involvement in our customers’ processes. It means making service a priority and fostering a continuous dialog with the customer. And for us, it also entails taking responsibility for the environment.


We are dedicated to finding the best solution we can possibly deliver. We are fully committed to our people and to adding value to our customers' business.

Whether we are entering a new market, a new industry segment, or embarking on a new application of any of our existing products, we are there to stay.

We believe in lasting relationships. That’s why it is important to us that we consistently deliver high-quality products and keep our promises. It’s also why our customers feel confident about establishing close, long-term relationships with us.

Atlas Copco employee measuring machinery with a spirit level
Impeller being sprayed with liquid


We believe that innovation is the driving force for sustainable profitability and growth, and that there is always a better way of doing things. This innovative spirit is an integral part of Atlas Copco Gas and Process' identity and an essential characteristic of a thriving business. It is also one of the key reasons we are a leader in our industry.