Turboexpander Training Programs

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Turboexpander systems are growing more complex. With complexity comes greater information access and equipment reliability, together with the need for a better understanding of how to use the tools available. Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench Company LLC is here to help. Training is available at your site or ours.

Tailored to your needs, specific to your application. For example:

  • Multi-lingual instructors with actual field experience in turboexpander operation
  • Training materials developed on the equipment you own—not just a generic package that might miss critical details you need
  • For training at the Santa Maria office, hands-on involvement in assembly/disassembly may be available

A variety of programs are available. Program lengths, subjects covered, language of instruction and written materials, can all be varied to suit your needs. Please see Course Outlines for additional information.

For more information on course descriptions, schedule and cost information, please contact us:

Brian Humbles
Director of Aftermarket Services
 +1 805-928-5757 (during business hours, 7:00 – 4:00 Pacific Standard Time)
 +1 805-925-3861