Genuine Parts and superior Gas and Process Oil

Open radial bearing

Continuity is the greatest priority in all of our production plants. Production downtime is not only very costly, it can also threaten product quality, schedules, and profitability.

Only genuine parts by Atlas Copco Gas and Process can ensure seamless and on-going production.

In-house production and testing of our parts offers the ultimate quality guarantee that each new component performs equally as well as the part it replaces. All parts are manufactured to meet OEM and internal standard specifications.

Serving your productivity: Gas and Process oil

Gas and Process oil is a superior compressor lubrication oil that enjoys high reputation all over the world.

The oil's composition offers excellent oxidation consistency, high corrosion protection, ow foaming properties, and excellent emulsification characteristics.

Gas and Process oil is used as lubrication oil for thrust bearings and mechanical gears in turbo machinery.

It is made to exacting OEM specifications, and it ensures low lubrication and maintenance costs, while also guaranteeing the performance of all our machines.