Expertly Balancing Your Rotating Components

Atlas Copco’s specialists are com­mitted to providing state-of-the-art testing procedures that keep your rotating components productive and safe—ensuring seamless production for your process.

Electronic balancing machine

Rely on the Experts

  • Tests for your rotary compo­nents to ensure optimal performance in accor­dance with recognized industry stan­dards
  • Verification of the robustness of a wide range of industrial impellers, ro­tors and shafts
  • Examination of rotating compon­ents to ascertain that all components are operating as precisely as possible
  • Testing procedures that achieve or exceed DIN ISO and API norms
Low-Speed BalancingUp to: ø 2,100 mm
Up to: 12,500 kg
Up to: ø 320 mm shaft
Spin TestUp to: ø 2,000 mm
Up to: 125,000 rpm
Up to: 3,500 kg
High-Speed BalancingUp to: 50,000 rpm
Up to: 1,600 kg
Up to: ø 1,200 mm
Up to: ø 160 mm shaft
Run Out Measuring (Inductive / Tactile)Up to: ø 2,500 mm
Up to: 8,000 kg
Up to: ø 400 mm shaft

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