GDPR Compliance

Atlas Copco is meeting the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by creating compliance and awareness throughout the organization. 

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Atlas Copco wins breakthrough order, strengthens position in Asian carrier LNG market

The Atlas Copco Gas and Process Division has secured a breakthrough compressor order for the Carrier LNG market in Asia.

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The new AeroBlock™ offers a standardized design that can be tailored to specific applications.

See the latest AeroBlock™ video to learn more.

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Simplicity is key to innovation.

Watch the story told by a simple gas molecule about the possibilities in critical industrial processes.

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New naming for integrally-geared turbocompressors

The entire integrally-geared turbocompressors capacity range serving different applications has been renamed GT.

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Featuring Integral-geared Technology, the industry’s most efficient and compact compressor design.

Check out the latest video showcasing the full potential of this technology.

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The new G&P Stories Issue is available.

Featuring dependable, non-stop performance in NY Astoria using fuel gas booster compressors from Atlas Copco Gas and Process.

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Turn gas line pressure into sustainable energy and extra revenues.

Our integrally-geared, multistage turboexpanders are the perfect choice for your pressure-letdown applications.

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High-pressure CO2 Compressor

Unlock a new level of efficiency and gas-tight performance for high- pressure CO2 applications. Ideal for urea production, supercritical power cycles and CCS.

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Handle the Pressure

We know you’re no stranger to pressure. Budget pressure. Time pressure. Performance pressure. Pressure challenges us, but it also pushes us to be better. At Atlas Copco Gas and Process, the pressures you face are what drive us to develop turbomachinery that reinforces reliability, improves efficiency and reduces cost. To us, pressure is innovation in progress.


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Impeller blades


Our centrifugal compressors deliver top performance, efficiency and reliability to your important processes. Utilizing market-leading innovations such as Integral Gear Technology, these compressors allow for multi-staged design and for up to eight stages to be driven by one gearbox. The result is a small on-site footprint, increased power savings and solutions perfectly matched to your specific requirements.


For applications ranging from power generation to air separation and beyond, Atlas Copco Gas and Process expanders are designed for maximum efficiency. Through pioneering technologies, including dry gas seals, variable inlet guide vanes and active magnetic bearings, our expanders create the cold temperatures necessary to separate gases or superb efficiency to generate electricity from heat.

Impeller turbine

Piston and Gas Screw Compressors

Our piston and screw compressors run at the heart of a diverse range of processes. They deliver efficiency and reliability to applications such as CNG/NGV refueling, high-pressure air/gas feed, and gas bottling. Atlas Copco Gas and Process offers compressor types that include single or multiple-staging, oil-lubricated or oil-free design, and variable speed drive, ensuring that the members of this versatile group are perfectly matched to the job.